Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition: Annual Report

“Our member the Intergenerational Foundation has recently published analysis of the economic benefits of treating mental health problems before they arise. In Costing Young Minds (Intergenerational Foundation, 2020), the Intergenerational Foundation looked at the economic impact of treating depression in young people early, as opposed to leaving the problem to worsen. Their research showed an estimated £1.74 billion could be gained for the Government due to the greater economic productivity of people who are not contending with mental health problems. Conversely, they forecast a potential loss of £5 billion of public funds if endemic depression rates among young people are not tackled. The report also highlighted Covid-19’s impact, warning that the widespread issues affecting children and young people as a result of the pandemic will make early treatment of mental health problems even more important in order to reduce the economic impact of future mental health problems (ibid).”