Creative, arts and humanities degrees: worth the risk?

A few years after the rise in university tuition fees less immediate effects are beginning to emerge such as the decline in those willing to pursue creative degrees. As a young adult about to study English Literature and Creative Writing, Hope Barker discusses the impact of the increased fees on such courses and the process… Read more »

Old-age care: who pays?

The social care costs of old age are an intergenerational conundrum. Why should younger generations pay for the care costs which the baby boomers have spectacularly failed to provide for themselves? But, as Antony Mason argues, they too need a robust and sustainable system to cater for their own old age

ITUC poll: Outlook Not So Good

Billy Harding looks at the recently published ITUC poll which shows that, of the 13 countries investigated, only citizens in Indonesia, Brazil, and Bulgaria believe that future generations will be better off than today’s generation. Some 66 per cent of respondents from all countries believe that future generations will be worse off.

Youth Unemployment

Claire Lamont reveals how the latest drop in unemployment figures masks a more worrying trend in youth unemployment

Quote 22

“I think that [Intergenerational Equity] is a big issue for our country going forward. If I talk to young people, they feel their lives – and I’m not just talking about this government but more generally – they can’t find a job, their tuition fees have trebled, they can’t get a house. It is going… Read more »

Blocked and in debt: the cry of youth

Youth worker Melissa Jane Knight gives an impassioned account of the dire prospects facing her generation. And she is one of “lucky ones” who stuck with education. The key to more equitable solutions lies in better targeted government policy.