Young, Gifted and Broke? Our Film Competition

Liz Emerson explains why IF has launched the IF Film Competition, and raises some of the issues that should provoke young film makers to take up the challenge

New university funding scheme will cost more, claims HEPI

David Kingman analyses a report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), which echoes IF’s claim that the coalition’s higher education reforms will be more expensive than previous arrangements

Votes at 16

An article in The Spectator by Matthew Parris makes a compelling case for lowering the voting age. Recommended reading, says Antony Mason

Peer suggests making retired people “earn” their pensions

A member of the House of Lords has recently suggested that senior citizens could be made to “earn” part of their state pensions through performing community services. David Kingman asks if this would be a workable idea

Why do so many young people still live with their parents?

Young people who return to living with their parents have been dubbed the “Boomerang Generation”. David Kingman asks whether this happens by choice – or if they are forced to by factors beyond their control

What is NEST?

Workers at some of Britain’s largest employers recently started being auto-enrolled into NEST. David Kingman explains how it works