Unwinding the Housing Crisis: Could abolishing Stamp Duty help?

In the third of a series of related blogs under the heading “Unwinding the Housing Crisis”, IF supporter Tim Lund looks at the arguments in favour of the case offered by some of the top thinkers in the field of housing

The Turning Point for Housing?

IF supporter Tim Lund asks whether the new Labour leadership could have the answers to Britain’s housing crisis…

Unwinding the Housing Crisis: a Which? Landlord?

In the second in a series of related blogs, IF supporter Tim Lund envisages a consumers’ guide to landlords – difficult to assemble for the reasons cited, but a much-needed tool for all those (and especially the young) in the rental sector

The New Generation: Spanish Lessons for UK

In a recent poll in Spain, two new parties with leaders in their 30s attracted more support than the two established parties combined. Tim Lund says that there is a lesson here for British political leaders

A People’s Plan for Housing

IF supporter Tim Lund has a policy proposal that political parties could usefully adopt to address the drought in new housing supply

Investing in Young Political Talent

IF supporter Tim Lund asks why the mainstream political parties are failing to engage the youth vote, and suggests some strategies to address this

Intra- vs Inter-generational Justice: an ongoing debate

Some leading academics insist that the disparities in wealth and social opportunities within generations are more significant than the inequities between generations. Tim Lund looks at how these issues were raised in a recent public debate