Without intergenerational equity, say goodbye to civilisation

The Goa Foundation, an environmental NGO in India, has had a remarkable impact. Their clear perspective on intergenerational equity, and practical path to implementation, have scored major wins in Goa and India, especially on mineral policy (a permanent fund and caps), and helped to bring about groundbreaking interpretations of the Constitution to protect and conserve the natural resources nationally. Rahul… Read more »

Iron-ore mining in Goa: the case for Intergenerational Equity

Rahul Basu of the Goa Foundation explains why iron-ore mining has become such a contentious issue in Goa, and why the Goa Foundation has fought for an equitable intergenerational agreement to provide the best solution for the industry and the Goan population today, as well as for generations to come. There are lessons here for… Read more »