Earth Day 2020 and the lessons of COVID-19

It is Earth Day on 22 April – and the 50th anniversary of the first in 1970. Concerns over climate change may have been temporarily eclipsed by the COVID-19 virus, but – as the writer, young mother and IF supporter Melissa Jane Knight tells us, in this personal take – the COVID-19 crisis cannot obscure… Read more »

Votes at 16 bill torpedoed (again)

In the House of Commons, a private member’ s bill to reduce the voting age to 16 was squeezed out by a time limit on Friday 3 November – “sabotaged” by the Conservatives, according to Opposition MPs. It now has little chance of becoming law. IF supporter Melissa Jane Knight sees this as both deeply… Read more »

Bricking it – starting a family without a foundation

Contributing to our occasional “Vox Pop” series, Melissa Jane Knight talks housing and how the rhetoric of a government claiming to support “hard-working families” falls on deaf ears when young families are locked out of affordable home-ownership and forced into cramped, expensive rentals