Intergenerational fairness: the key to the 2017 election?

David Kingman looks at what the UK’s major political parties have had to say about intergenerational fairness in their manifestos With barely two full weeks of campaigning still to unfold before Britain goes to the polls for the snap general election on 8 June, the major parties have now all launched their hastily-written manifestos. What… Read more »

We might die sooner than we thought

IF volunteer Robert Wilson considers the impact new mortality projections will have on the state and defined benefit pension schemes  

How the Brexit bill negotiations are likely to disadvantage the young

Angus Hanton, co-founder of IF, explains why the figure of 100 billion euros has been bandied about, and why Britain’s liabilities are typical of the casual commitments that politicians make, without considering the consequences for younger generations

MPs warn Brexit could harm Britain’s universities

Britain’s higher education sector – crucial to the prospects of young people and to Britain’s economy as a whole – stands to suffer as a result of Brexit, according to a recent report. David Kingman investigates