More households – but is more housing the only solution?

IF researcher Holly Metcalf looks at the complexities of housing supply against the prediction of a growth in the number of households – a situation that calls for carefully-tailored government action

Book Review: “The Great University Con”

“The Great University Con: How We Broke Our Universities and Betrayed a Generation”, by David Craig and Hugh Openshaw, makes a powerful case against what has been done to our universities in recent years. Review by Holly Metcalf, IF researcher 

Turning 18 in 2018: the Zenennial Generation

Turning 18 in 2018, and turning 18 in the year 2000 – new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show there are some significant differences. IF researcher Holly Metcalf explains

The cost of a child is rising – and both parents and children are struggling as a result

Family life in the UK is becoming more expensive, writes IF researcher Holly Metcalf, with more children growing up in poverty, and their parents increasingly making sacrifices to try and protect their children’s wellbeing. With government support in many areas being cut, families have had to resort to different coping mechanisms, which pose problems in… Read more »