Younger Generations: Why we’re angry about Brexit

As part of our ongoing Vox Pop series, Hope Barker, IF supporter and student at Warwick University, gives voice to her generation’s anger and disappointment over the Brexit vote

National Voter Registration Day: getting the youth vote out

A Bite the Ballot campaign, set up by school teacher Mike Sani, is doing all it can to help young adults find their voice. “If you aren’t on the register, you are invisible,” they claim in an attempt to prepare people for National Voter Registration Day on 5 February. Nineteen-year-old registered voter Hope Barker reports.

Electronic voting: the way forward for younger generations?

John Bercow’s speech to the Hansard Society on 27 November about a digital democracy has led to much discussion as to whether this could improve the turnout of younger voters. The Speaker wishes to bridge the gap between MPs and the increasingly digital society they represent. Hope Barker reports.

Creative, arts and humanities degrees: worth the risk?

A few years after the rise in university tuition fees less immediate effects are beginning to emerge such as the decline in those willing to pursue creative degrees. As a young adult about to study English Literature and Creative Writing, Hope Barker discusses the impact of the increased fees on such courses and the process… Read more »