The strains of lockdown on young people

A personal blog on how #lockdown is affecting younger family members, by an IF supporter – who wishes to remain anonymous so as not to embarrass her kids!

Climate activism – is there any point to it?

Most protests fail to trigger substantial change in policy. What makes the recent wave in climate activism, which many young people have passionately participated in, any different? Mattias Nilsson, a MSc Economics Graduate from University College London, explains why the current climate change movement has captured the interest of the general public, businesses and politicians… Read more »

We Want to Fight Climate Change With You, Not Against You

Young climate activists have been accused of antagonising older generations, shifting the blame onto them rather than taking their own responsibility seriously. Charlotte Unruh, an Ambassador for the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, argues that such accusations are based on a misunderstanding of young people’s motivation and intentions

Another year passes: intergenerational birthday blues

Contributing to our ongoing Vox Pop series, an IF supporter from Kent foresees a gloomy intergenerational conversation with his sons, and cannot – alas! – find reasons to be more optimistic