Could an age-segregated lockdown work?

Statistical modelling shows there is a trade-off between the disadvantages of isolating the older members of society and protecting them as the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Essentially, better outcomes could result by treating the generations differently. It’s a thorny intergenerational issue, as IF Research Intern Ellie Maher explains

“Crisis cohort”: What it means to graduate into a recession

As we enter what is forecast to be the worst recession in 300 years, one cohort that has felt the full extent of the COVID-19 pandemic is the graduating class of 2020. IF Research Intern Ellie Maher assesses what it means to graduate into a recession, and the impacts of this on both short and… Read more »

The climate emergency has not gone away

There’s a burning need to address the threat of climate change, and the COVID-19 crisis may offer a window of opportunity. IF Research Intern Ellie Maher looks at the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill currently going through parliament and assesses if and how it can make a difference

The Climate Emergency: an intergenerational failure

Climate change is a headline issue in intergenerational justice, says Elle Maher, a BSc Mathematics student at the University of Bristol. Policy-makers need to consider environmental sustainability in order to ensure future intergenerational fairness