How inflation could blow up the younger generation

Commodity prices have already gone up sharply around the world and many other prices seem to be headed north. To fight COVID-19 the government has printed huge quantities of new money and many economists are predicting the result will be a sharp rise in inflation. Angus Hanton, IF Co-founder, asks what this would mean for the old and the… Read more »

Book Review: OK Boomer, Let’s Talk

IF Co-founder Angus Hanton recommends Jill Filipovic’s new book, OK Boomer, Let’s Talk: How My Generation Got Left Behind– particularly to Boomers

Year 1 of the COVID plague

Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, raises the question of intergenerational fairness as we contemplate the possibility of emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown

Could Covid-19 signal the death of British universities?

IF Co-founder Angus Hanton says that university students have every right to claim that they are not getting their money’s worth. Indeed, the Covid-19 crisis may be placing the whole university system in jeopardy

Covid-19: this is the moment to scrap student debt

The Coronavirus crisis calls for some radical rethinking all round – but the young are especially exposed. Angus Hanton, Co-Founder of IF, proposes two solutions that would make a big difference to intergenerational justice: scrap student debt and slash income tax for the young

Have we been “othering” younger generations?

Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, suggests that young people are victims of an “othering” process, which sets them apart in a generational power struggle that has both financial and political implications

Can tree-planting mitigate climate change?

Tree-planting is often cited as the antidote to CO2 emissions. So is it just a question of planting more trees? Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, looks at the realities of this solution

Flight shame is not enough – only price changes behaviour

Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, argues that, if the cost of air travel was raised to reflect its true environmental damage, it would discourage air travel sufficiently to reduce that damage dramatically

IF Manifesto Audit 6: Pensions and Welfare

The main parties’ manifestos have abandoned intergenerational fairness in bid to win the grey vote, says IF Co-Founder Angus Hanton

Protestors, de-escalators, and learning from the young

There can be no bigger issue of intergenerational justice than preserving the planet for future generations. But Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, admires the persuasive restraint of Extinction Rebellion