Flight shame is not enough – only price changes behaviour

Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, argues that, if the cost of air travel was raised to reflect its true environmental damage, it would discourage air travel sufficiently to reduce that damage dramatically

IF Manifesto Audit 6: Pensions and Welfare

The main parties’ manifestos have abandoned intergenerational fairness in bid to win the grey vote, says IF Co-Founder Angus Hanton

Protestors, de-escalators, and learning from the young

There can be no bigger issue of intergenerational justice than preserving the planet for future generations. But Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, admires the persuasive restraint of Extinction Rebellion

Garden waste: an intergenerational issue

Councils are now charging for collecting garden waste – is this fair? Angus Hanton, Co-founder of IF, welcomes this, and sees it as an example of  broader intergenerational policy, in which allowances and charges do not favour older generations disproportionately