The potential impact of young voters on the 2024 general election

There is a sense amongst the young British electorate that they are powerless in affecting change in politics, especially through their vote. However, Toby Whelton, IF researcher, argues that while the odds may be stacked against them, there is still real potential for the young to shape the upcoming election.

General Election: Intergenerational inequality is the elephant in the room, not debates about tax

IF supporter, Daniel Harrison, asks why politicians are deliberately avoiding the really big issue facing our country? General election tax promises Observing political parties squabble about the precise level of taxation needed in the run up to the General Election,  one would think that taxation is either the problem or the panacea that will solve… Read more »

Intergenerational Fairness in the General Election

Proposed policies such as national service and commitments to maintain the triple lock have put debates about intergenerational unfairness at the heart of the national debate. IF researcher, Toby Whelton, investigates.    

Be our part-time researcher!

Intergenerational Foundation Co-Founder and CEO Liz Emerson sets out the details of the researcher role currently being advertised by the charity.

Why ‘Broken Britain’ is a direct consequence of intergenerational inequality

IF supporter, Daniel Harrison, asks a profound question that very few people appear to want to talk about in the mass media because it exposes an uncomfortable truth: How is it that UK taxpayers are paying record levels of tax and yet simultaneously experiencing public services that appear to be severely underfunded and unable to… Read more »

Canada promises generational fairness

Canada has made a historic promise to deliver “fairness for every generation” in its 2024 budget. IF CEO and Co-founder, Liz Emerson, weighs in on this milestone and what Canada and the UK can learn from each other.

Are we really going to get PFI version 3.0 with a new Labour government?

Rumours abound that Labour is considering bringing back the infamous Private Finance Initiative (PFI) model. Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder, explains why this would be a very poor decision for younger and future generations on intergenerational fairness grounds.

Is the student cost-of-living crisis affecting social mobility?

Recent reports have noted a decline in higher education participation, especially among poorer students. Toby Whelton, IF volunteer, argues this can only be understood as a result of the skyrocketing costs of being a student.

A shared inheritance from natural resources?

How should we share natural resources with future generations? On #EarthDay, a group of global activists lay out their argument for the need for a shared inheritance. By Simon Taylor, co-Founder & Board member of Global Witness, and co-Founder of Publish What You Pay; Saswati Svetlana, National Coordinator, Mineral Inheritors Rights Association, India; Mike McCormack,… Read more »

Housing – take on the under-40s at your peril

Liz Emerson, IF CEO and Co-founder, calls time on politicians who dismiss the housing crisis facing younger generations as the country moves ever closer to the General Election.