It’s “Zero Hour” – Join the campaign this week

Amy Heley, Campaigner for Zero Hour, explains why she needs your help tomorrow (14 July) to bring attention to the Climate and Ecology Bill

Zero Hour is the campaign behind the Climate and Ecology Bill. We are running a cross-party campaign, supported by MPs and Peers from across all major parties, to promote a Bill that will realign the UK’s climate and nature targets in line with the best available science.

Specifically, the Bill would require the UK Government to (1) follow a 1.5 degrees Celsius-aligned emissions reductions pathway, and (2) reverse the damage done to nature; as the world’s leading experts advise us to do to secure a liveable future.

Second reading

We’re excited to confirm that the second reading debate of the Climate and Ecology Bill will take place in the House of Lords on Friday 15 July, where it was drawn 8th of 25 in the 2022-23 new session private member’s bill ballot. This means that the Bill is progressing through Parliament on its journey to becoming law.

As part of marking this milestone for Zero Hour campaigners, we’re organising a get-together of MPs, Peers and youth activists outside Westminster the day before second reading, Thursday 14 July. This will be a youth-led event for campaigners, NGOs, MPs and Peers—and it would be fantastic if you could join us!

Join us

We’ll also be using this event to hand-in an open letter from youth activists to all Members of the House of Lords. Our letter urges Peers to use their voices in Parliament—and help progress our campaign for stronger environmental legislation—that will give young people the best chance of restoring our environment.

If you’re a youth campaigner, or work/volunteer for a youth organisation, and you’d like to sign the letter, it’s available here — and you can sign up here or email: [email protected]

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash