IF Film Competition: 16–18 Prize announced and posted!

Congratulations to Adam Offord, Stephen Szemelak, Safiqul Alum and Adil Yaqub, who have  won first prize in the 16–18 age-group category of the IF Film Competition (in association with the Guardian and the National Union of Students). They have supplied this brief description about the background to the film.IF film comp logo

See their award-winning film, Limelight, here.

We all live in different areas in the Medway Towns, Kent, where there are limited jobs and it can be very unpleasant for some people. Each individual who helped in the making of this short film has a real passion for film, media and drama. Once the props were sorted, the short film was shot over three days, using whatever abandoned, demoralizing locations we could find.

Filmed by Stephen Szemelak, starring Safiqul Alum and Adil Yaqub, and edited by Adam Offord, the aims of this short film were to show how life can be a struggle living on the streets and that everyone has a dream of some kind that they may have lost or not achieved.

During the preproduction stage, every one of us said we wanted this film to feel realistic and gritty, showing life as it really is, and we all believe that we have achieved this.