Intergenerational Living = Dynamite TV!

A TV production company is looking for families thinking of moving in together. Can you help?Portrait multi-generation family outdoors

All the generations living under one roof, now that would make good telly! And that’s exactly what one TV production company is after. Watershed TV are looking for families who are thinking of moving in together. Watershed intend to follow the highs and lows that come from living in a large multi-generational family group over a period of months and unpick the pros and cons of intergenerational living.

Perhaps you’re a young family considering moving in with your parents to save for a deposit, or maybe you’re thinking of moving your parents in with you to release the equity in their home or provide care. Perhaps someone in your family has lost their job, or you’re worried about university fees and need to save money.  Watershed want to help explore your options and say they have experts on hand who can provide a range of support, suggest practical solutions and offer advice on finance, property and investment.

To contact the Watershed team, email (with your contact details): [email protected] .