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Current Academic Prize

Demography Prize 2019 Write an essay on: “Housing Crisis: how can we improve the situation for young people?” ***DEADLINE: 1 DECEMBER 2019*** The Stuttgart-based Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG) and the London-based Intergenerational Foundation (IF) jointly award the biennial Demography Prize, endowed with EUR 10,000 (ten thousand euros) in total prize-money, to… Read more »

Knife crime and government cuts to youth services

Knife crime cannot be written off a merely a symptom of gang culture, writes Sylvie Markes: it reflects a deeper and broader societal malaise which austerity cuts have exacerbated. But government policy can make a difference

Student debt myth no. 3: The graduate premium makes the system fair

As concern about an unsustainable student finance system is growing quickly along with how universities are conducting themselves and delivering value to students, Ian Wells, PASD (Parents Against Student Debt) supporter, challenges some core myths in a series of five articles