IGJR 2015

Intergenerational Justice Review 2015

151201_IGJR_final-1-cover“Youth Quotas”

The Intergenerational Justice Review (IGJR) has been published by the Stuttgart-based think tank the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG) since 2002. For the 2012 edition, the FRFG invited the Intergenerational Foundation (IF) to join its editorial team, and to co-publish under a joint imprint. Following the success of this co-operative venture, FRFG and IF have again combined to produce the 2015 edition on Youth Quotas.

The FRFG and the IGJR

Founded in 1997, the FRFG has played a leading role in gathering and supporting research in intergenerational issues at the academic level – research that usually falls within the compass of university departments of law, politics and philosophy.

The Intergenerational Justice Review reflects this academic focus. Articles, submitted by senior academics and researchers in the field, are peer-reviewed and published only on the recommendation of two reviewers.

The 2015 edition

The theme of the 2015 edition is Youth Quotas.

“Youth Quotas – The Answer to Changes in Age Demographics?” was the subject of Fourth Demography Prize 2012/2013 (deadline 1 July 2013), with a prize to the value of €10,000 funded by the Stiftung Apfelbaum and promoted by the FRFG and IF. A subsequent symposium on Youth Quotas took place on 25/26 October 2013 in Stuttgart.

The articles in the IGJR 2015 include the winning essay from the Demography Prize, plus papers presented at the symposium and a full report on the symposium, as well as four book reviews.

Electronic copies

In line with the aim of both the FRFG and IF to disseminate intergenerational research as widely as possible, a free online version of The Intergenerational Justice Review 2015 on Youth Quotas can be downloaded as a PDF here.

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