New research highlights the impacts of the UK’s housing crisis on British children

A range of evidence shows that children are becoming increasingly likely to live in the private rented sector, even though most young people say they would prefer to put off having children until they can afford to own their own place. David Kingman looks at what impact this could have on intergenerational fairness

Jobs done by young adults are at greatest risk of being automated, says new ONS research

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently produced some research which estimated the likelihood of different categories of jobs being automated over the coming years. Worryingly, this found that jobs which are disproportionately done by younger workers are some of the ones which are at the greatest risk of being automated. David Kingman ponders… Read more »

New ONS research shows how “milestones” of adulthood are changing for the Millennial generation

Adulthood has traditionally been marked by the achievement of a series of milestones, such as getting a job, owning a home and starting a family. But are Millennials achieving these milestones at later ages than previous generations? David Kingman examines the latest evidence