Still annoyed: Jenni Herd adds to her letter to The Times

Sixteen-year-old Jenni Herd shot to fame in March by writing a letter to The Times, complaining about media bias against her generation. It was published under the title “Annoyed”. Here she tells of that experience, and explains why young people deserve an intergenerational change in attitude IF_Blog_Jenni_Herd Continue reading

Action for Youth: Interview with IARS

In her ongoing series of interviews with activists for young people, Lewisham youth worker Melissa Jane Knight talks to Ayesha Carmouche (pictured right), Campaigns Co-ordinator and Communications Officer for Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) IF_Blog_Ayesha_IARS Continue reading

Creative, arts and humanities degrees: worth the risk?

A few years after the rise in university tuition fees less immediate effects are beginning to emerge such as the decline in those willing to pursue creative degrees. As a young adult about to study English Literature and Creative Writing, Hope Barker discusses the impact of the increased fees on such courses and the process that brought her to her decision.If_Blog_Mortar-Board-Coins-300x199 Continue reading