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“I think that [Intergenerational Equity] is a big issue for our country going forward. If I talk to young people, they feel their lives – and I’m not just talking about this government but more generally – they can’t find a job, their tuition fees have trebled, they can’t get a house. It is going to be a big issue,” Ed Miliband, BBC Radio 4 Today, 26 April 2012


Posted on: 1 May, 2012

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  1. Onur

    I think Churchill was similarly in dseeilibf in 1945. Politicisation by confrontation! The pity is that all of this was so predictable in 1979 when Thatcher’s policies started to roll out the sale of council housing whilst preventing building replacements, the frittering away of North sea oil; the privatisation of the nationalised infrastructure and so on. Every current issue directly tracks back to the election of Margaret Thatcher and her heirs .. Major, Blair, Brown and Osborne. Paradoxically, the Tories condemn red tape but neoliberalism needs vast amount of legislation to maintain the freedom’ of the markets. Real Labour must not be hide-bound by the rules of the IMF and WTO.

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